Saving 3 costs with ready-built factory for rent Vietnam


Currently, many enterprises choose ready built factory for rent Vietnam because of cost savings. Why is that? Comparing with building a factory, what are the benefits of ready built factory rental? In the following article, Kizuna will list 3 cost items that will be saved when choosing ready built factory for rent Vietnam.

Optimizing 3 costs using ready-built for rent Vietnam 

1. The saving basic costs with ready built factory rental

The basic construction cost items include infrastructure - technical facilities, security system, etc,. They include the following 4 items:

- Cost of building material factory.

- Costs of building new factory; new fences.

- Building up security and factory assets protection.

- Upgrading the surrounding road and bridge system.

factory for rent Vietnam

The ready-built factory for rent

1.1. Cost of factory building compared to factory for rent

The cost of new building factory Vietnam is the most important item when building a factory. For professional factories, they usually have construction area of ​​1,500m2 and walls of 7.5m high or more. Besides, the warehouse or factory is usually designed as a Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB). Pre-engineered steel buildings have the advantages of fast construction, lightweight and good bearing capacity. However, the construction cost of this factory is from VND 1,350,000 / m2 - VND 1,550,000 / m2. While the cost of factory for rent is only around 50,000 - 65,000 VND / m2 / month. Moreover, the maintenance cost will be very expensive. The larger the area is, the more the repairing cost is. Thus, comparing with building new factory, the ready built factory for rent Vietnam will be much cheaper.

1.2. Cost of factory rental

The cost of new building a factory is expensive, it also brings the cost of installing the fence and surrounding security systems. This cost is not small for an industrial production scale. This is not to mention that after completing the construction, it is necessary to take into account the related personnel costs. After the security system is completed, the road system needs to be built. When enterprises choose ready built factory, all the basic organizational structure has been arranged appropriately. Enterprises can actively participate in the production process without waiting.

2. The saving cost of installing technology lines with ready-built factory for rent

Building a factory is just a preparation stage of the production process. Enterprises must also have machinery to be able to start the production. The factory construction cost is high, the enterprises also have to pay for the cost of installing technology lines. For the start-up, the lack of capital is a huge pressure. Therefore, enterprises should think carefully about the basic construction costs. These types of costs always hold a very important position to enterprises.

Both the construction cost and the cost of buying production lines you cannot cut. Because if you buy weak technology, your product quality, as well as competitiveness will be affected. If you reduce the construction cost, unsafe works will be very dangerous. The option to help enterprises reduce costs is ready built factory for rent.

In addition, factory for rent in Vietnam are quite diverse from design to area size. Enterprises will have many choices such as furniture factory, sports shoe factory,...

factory for rent Vietnam

The saving cost of installing technology lines with ready-built factory for rent

3. The saving cost of administration and human resource with ready built for rent Vietnam

After completing the entire construction work, the management staffs are needed. In general, this system includes: sales, accounting - human resource, production departments. Those are the 3 basic departments for a small factory, not to mention a large size factory. Then, we can see that the cost for management personnel is very large. If we sum up the costs mentioned above, the budget must be in the billions. While, if enterprises rent factories, the enterprises pay only a few hundred million a month. In which all costs of personnel to protect the factory are included.

The advice for enterprises is to choose a ready built cheap factory rental. Because this model will save a lot of costs for enterprises. One of the reliable addresses for your business is Kizuna. The company has many years of experience in the field of factory for rent. It is sure that enterprises will be satisfied when using Kizuna's the ready-built factory for rent Vietnam.

Kizuna - Optimal and high quality ready-built factory for rent Vietnam 

The system of high quality workshops and factories for rent at Kizuna is strongly preferred by many companies. Here are some values and benefits that the business will receive when renting a factory at Kizuna. 

- Strategic locations: Long An - nears HCMC, harbors, airport, Phu My Hung residential zone 

- Optimal architecture: Variety scales from 250m2 to 80,000m2 with clear views and modern canopy system 

- Infrastructure system and utilities of Factory Zones are all synchronized: clean, green area, water system, three-faces electricity power, canteen and 24/7 security  

- Ecosystem provides more than 50 services 

- Our staffs can assist in all languages

- Easy in - Easy out: fast operation, can liquidate before the end of the contract, without losing the deposit. 

As a business owner, you should understand all the important and essential requirements of a workshop for rent. We hope with the given information above, you will have a better understanding to select the most optimal option for your business. Let’s contact Kizuna for more consultancy.

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