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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
URBAN ERA CONSTRUCTION SDN BHDURBAN ERA CONSTRUCTION SDN BHDMalaysiaIndustrial Building ConstructionAs a public work, he undertakes civil engineering such as road construction and construction work of commercial facilities. In addition, formwork works are carried out at construction sites such as buildings and condominiums.
1 EXACT CAPITAL SDN. BHD.1 EXACT CAPITAL SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementIt mainly develops the franchise business of fortune-telling services such as fortune-telling, counseling, and human resource development. In addition to this, he also engaged in web advertising, system development, and software development.
GD HOME HEALTH SDN. BHD.GD HOME HEALTH SDN. BHD.MalaysiaHome Health Care ServicesA company that operates a dispensing pharmacy “Smile Pharmacy”. In addition to prescription dispensing, we also work on preventive care and home health care.
AIMS ASSET MANAGEMENT SDN. BHD.AIMS ASSET MANAGEMENT SDN. BHD.MalaysiaWe invest in real estate, capital, and business. We also provide membership-based information provision services specialized in real estate such as apartment complexes. In addition, he also invests in venture companies. Here he teamed up with Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah to establish AIMS Asset Management Sdn Bhd (AIMS) - one of the first foreign fund management companies to be licensed by the Malaysian Securities Commission.<br>Assets under management topped USD 250 million, including a 100m USD portfolio managed for Soros Fund Management.<br>In 1982 David Crichton-Watt set up Asian Investment Management Services (AIMS Ltd), a fund management and advisory business, in Hong Kong.
M.E.T. MOTION HOLDING SDN. BHD.M.E.T. MOTION HOLDING SDN. BHD.MalaysiaAutomotive Transmission Repair> 100M> 700A company that manufactures and sells pumps for industrial use. We handle a wide range of pump-related equipment, from high-pressure pumps for pure water to ultra-high pressure pumps for pure water production. In addition to selling used pumps, we also undertake maintenance of pumps. M.E.T is a Malaysia based pumping supplier that provide wide range of pumping products and services including industrial pumps and water pumps.
GOLDEN DRAGON CASKET MANUFACTURE SDN. BHD.GOLDEN DRAGON CASKET MANUFACTURE SDN. BHD.MalaysiaMachine Tool ManufacturingThe company is engaged in the manufacture of gunpowder and stone. It also supports funeral services.
MIRACLES LADY GLOBAL RESOURCES SDN. BHD.MIRACLES LADY GLOBAL RESOURCES SDN. BHD.MalaysiaFamily Planning CentersA company that conducts consulting services such as franchise management, human resource development, and promotion of companies and products. He also handles the planning and management of events and the management of call centers. In addition, we also operate beauty salons.
DR PROPERTYDR PROPERTYMalaysiaPortfolio Management10M - 100M500 - 700We provide investment information, etc., and provide investment advisory services. In addition, the company operates a paid membership system, and also distributes email magazines.
ARK TECHARK TECHMalaysiaSoftware Publishers10M - 100M500 - 700We sell office equipment such as copiers and printers, and software such as security software. He also provides support for setting up personal computers and web page creation.
FIRST CLASS MARKETING SDN. BHD.FIRST CLASS MARKETING SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPolitical OrganizationsA company that conducts consulting on marketing and sales for companies. It also develops qualification education and correspondence education projects for companies. In addition, he also handles companies such as call center business.
KISS THE SKINKISS THE SKINMalaysia10M - 100M500 - 700A company that plans, develops, and sells cosmetics such as moisturizing creams, beauty serums, and moisturizing creams, and sales of them on its own website. He also manages and manages the masage shop.
EASTERN UNITYEASTERN UNITYMalaysiaSemiconductor Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 100Design, manufacture, and develop machinery for industrial use with a focus on automobile-related parts. In addition to planning and developing new products, we also support prototyping and OEM manufacturing.
X SQUARE MOBILE SDN. BHD.X SQUARE MOBILE SDN. BHD.MalaysiaTelephone Answering ServicesA company that mainly operates “DOCOMO SHOP Kuroishi Store” as a franchise store of docomo call centers. In addition to operating stores, the company also sells mobile phones.
CS GSM DEVELOPMENT SDN. BHD.CS GSM DEVELOPMENT SDN. BHD.MalaysiaA company that conducts research and development of hydrogen peroxide, etc. mainly in the field of hydrogen inhalation. As a group company, we also support research and development of hydrogen inhalers and emulsions. In addition, he is engaged in research and development of cosmetics and food products.
V CARE MOBILE SDN. BHD.V CARE MOBILE SDN. BHD.MalaysiaTelephone Answering ServicesIn addition to the sales business of mobile phones and smartphones, the company also operates nursing care taxis.
GREEN HORIZON PROPERTY SDN. BHD.GREEN HORIZON PROPERTY SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementMainly engaged in real estate management and franchise business. It also conducts business management of convenience stores and restaurant chains.
SAGA PERFECT TRANSPORT SDN. BHD.SAGA PERFECT TRANSPORT SDN. BHD.MalaysiaMotor Vehicle TowingHe is engaged in the general freight transport business, and carries out refrigeration and transportation of food. It also carries out automobile transportation of general cargo.
FIRST INBEST SDN. BHD.FIRST INBEST SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementHe conducts management consulting and restaurant management of “relaxation kun” and convenience stores. In addition, he is engaged in franchise management of restaurants and qualification support projects.
REAL BIZ SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD.REAL BIZ SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementHe is involved in the management of a correspondence education school specializing in business etiquette. In addition, as a franchise development project, we also provide human resource development services for companies and management consulting of restaurants.