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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
MALAYSIA-BELGIUM-LUXEMBOURG BUSINESS COUNCILMALAYSIA-BELGIUM-LUXEMBOURG BUSINESS COUNCILMalaysiaMarketing Consulting Services> 100M> 700A company that introduces and mediates talent in areas such as finance, advertising, and marketing. We introduce human resources to meet the needs of client companies and undertake career development support after joining the company. In addition, he also conducts seminars on foreign language education. Established in 1980, MBLBC is a non-profit organisation which aims to assist people and businesses from Belgium and Luxembourg in Malaysia, and strengthen their ties with the Malaysian business community.<br>By joining MBLBC, you are exposed to other brands and industries which provides you the opportunity for collaboration in your business, as there are plenty of options for you and your business to engage in the business community At MBLBC, we adapt to the constantly changing corporate developments and provide you the opportunity to exchange information with other people in your field as well as participating in programs that are held throughout the year which helps to reinforce your business networks.
CROWECROWEMalaysiaMarketing Consulting Services10M - 100M500 - 700A company that provides M&A consulting, corporate revitalization consulting, and accounting audit services for companies and individuals. In addition, we provide a wide range of consulting services such as real estate investment and M&A support, and advisory services such as real estate tax and finance.
PURE PROJECTS MANAGEMENT SDN. BHD.PURE PROJECTS MANAGEMENT SDN. BHD.MalaysiaHuman Resources Consulting ServicesMainly engaged in human resource management, finance, and franchise development. In addition, we also undertake business revitalization consulting.
IT JOBS GLOBAL SDN. BHD.IT JOBS GLOBAL SDN. BHD.MalaysiaEducational Support ServicesA company specializing in recruitment support for accounting, finance, and real estate professionals. It also operates job hunting and job information sites specialized for foreigners, such as “Leadership Navi”.
EAGLE GLOBAL PROPERTIES SDN. BHD.EAGLE GLOBAL PROPERTIES SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementHe is engaged in management consulting such as business strategy planning and finance support. In addition, we develop franchise businesses and sell pharmaceuticals. In addition, he also works on invests and manages venture companies.
CMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES SDN BHDCMS MANAGEMENT SERVICES SDN BHDMalaysiaHuman Resources Consulting ServicesMainly engaged in human resource management, finance, and franchise development. In addition, we also undertake business revitalization consulting.
RESOURCE METAL TRADING SDN. BHD.RESOURCE METAL TRADING SDN. BHD.MalaysiaSecurities BrokerageA company that trades in chemicals such as ammonia and sulfuric acid and metal materials such as magnesium. It also conducts trade on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In addition to trading companies such as building materials, manufacturing, and consumer finance, it also develops overseas trade.
ME OFFSHORE SUPPLY SDN. BHD.ME OFFSHORE SUPPLY SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPassenger Car RentalA company that transports new cars from automobile auctions, used car auctions, etc. to domestic and overseas. In addition to trade in trade, it also conducts consumer finance business, and is characterized by supporting credit card payments at stores and on the web.
PROMINENT TRADE VENTURE SDN. BHD.PROMINENT TRADE VENTURE SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPharmaceutical Preparation ManufacturingA company that conducts trade business such as consumer finance and industrial goods and pharmaceuticals. He also manages a company that invests in companies and manages subsidiaries.
ZHONG GUO DONG MENG ASSOCIATE SDN. BHD.ZHONG GUO DONG MENG ASSOCIATE SDN. BHD.MalaysiaVocational Rehabilitation ServicesHe conducts vocational training such as human resource development and counseling. It also provides business support such as management, finance, and human resources. Other activities include support for companies and organizations, school management, and so on.
ADVANCED PRO AGRI BUSINESS SDN. BHD.ADVANCED PRO AGRI BUSINESS SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementIn addition to accounting, finance, and labor, we provide management consulting such as business planning and business improvement. In addition, he also handles call center management, management consulting, and correspondence education. In addition, the company operates convenience stores and group companies.
WORLD CORPORATE CAPITAL SDN. BHD.WORLD CORPORATE CAPITAL SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementHe engages in business revitalization, business consulting, and consumer finance. In addition to developing and operating venture companies, it also develops investment businesses such as real estate and automobiles.
EXPERT ENGINEERS SDN. BHD.EXPERT ENGINEERS SDN. BHD.MalaysiaMarketing Consulting ServicesA company that provides consulting on human resource development and recruitment of human resources such as management and finance. From there are a wide range of seminars, from new employee training to executive training. He also manages the business group companies.
THE UNIVERSAL FINANCE INVESTMENT CORP.LTD.THE UNIVERSAL FINANCE INVESTMENT CORP.LTD.MalaysiaConsumer LendingA company that invests and manages venture companies, business loans, and business investment funds for small and medium-sized enterprises. He also engages in a bond business that collects funds from clients' accounts receivables and returns them to financial institutions, and a corporate lending business that invests in corporate bonds.
WEB DATA MONITORING SDN. BHD.WEB DATA MONITORING SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementWe are developing systems for large-scale data centers and data warehouses with a focus on mobile phones. It also provides communication services that are essential to companies such as finance, distribution, and government agencies.
HIGH-5 CONSOLIDATED BERHADHIGH-5 CONSOLIDATED BERHADMalaysiaMainly engaged in real estate business, including real estate leasing and brokerage business. In addition, he also manages a group company that conducts building leasing business, consumer finance business, and gas station business.
V-COMPUTER CORPORATION SDN. BHD.V-COMPUTER CORPORATION SDN. BHD.MalaysiaSoftware PublishersA company that develops and provides software for group companies. In addition to selling videoconferencing systems, we are developing systems for government offices, local governments, finance, and local governments. In addition, it also develops real estate leasing business.
BEE KAY HOLDINGS SDN. BHD.BEE KAY HOLDINGS SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementMainly engaged in human resource management, finance, and franchise development. In addition, we also undertake business revitalization consulting.
TIMES CAPITAL VENTURE SDN. BHD.TIMES CAPITAL VENTURE SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPortfolio ManagementHe engages in business support and investment in business, self-investment, consumer finance, and business alliances with companies such as electronics manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition to supporting growth of venture companies, it also develops real estate related businesses such as real estate sales and sales.
SNF TRADE POINT SDN. BHD.SNF TRADE POINT SDN. BHD.MalaysiaSecurities BrokerageBuilding an environment tailored to the needs of trading companies and consumers. It also provides services such as cloud services and consumer finance services.